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Do záložek Tělovýchovná jednota a Občanské sdružení Óježďák vloženy přímé odkazy na facebookové stránky těchto spolků pod modrou ikonou:


Odkaz na kompletní výsledky voleb v naší obci:

Do záložky sdružení Óježďák přidány recepty z leošního Dýňobraní.

V záložce Pozemkové úpravy novinky k probíhajícím pozemkovým úpravám v naší obci. Vlevo na přední stránce nová záložka Volby podzim 2013, kde jsou informace o nadcházejících volbách do polsanecké sněmovny.

Odkaz na foto z Dýňobraní, které se letos velmi vydařilo:

Započala další dotační akce - Obnová dolní autobusové zastávky a parku - viz foto:

Obnova dolní autobusové zastávky

Dolní autobusová zastávka

Předchozí dotační akce Rozšíření stálé expozice v budově školy byla po stavební stránce ukončena a stavba zkolaudována, nyní se tvoří vlastní vybavení expozice. Co se týče pozemkových úprav bylo dokončeno zaměření a již dvakrát se sešla ustanovená komise při plánu společných zařízení, což jsou cesty, vodní plochy atd.

Olympijské družstvo naší obce skončilo na letošních hrách Mikroregionu Záhoran v Paršovicích na krásnéím třetím místě. Družstvo soutěžilo ve složení: Kapitánka I. Kociánová, členové J. Veličková, E. Zichala, T. Koryčánek, J. Zichalová, M. Kociánová, V. Masařík, M. Pikna, P. Zichalová a T. Zichala. Pod textem odkaz na 4 videa z akce:

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Now, you may wonder why you're being asked to eat more than you really need to in order to lose those extra pounds. Here's the deal: have a heavy serving for your breakfast, because doing so will ensure you that you'll have a lesser urge when it comes to eating for the rest of the day. Additionally, have 2 more mid-sized meals, and 2 small snacks. Doing so will stop you from craving for more food and eating far more than you need to.
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Money is a tool. Learn how to master your money or you will be a slave to it the rest of your life. "Blessed to be a blessing." It is extremely hard to bless others when you are broke! Faith, Family, Health, Relationships, MONEY, that is the order of importance for your self development. However, your Finances, how you make money & how you manage it, will directly impact every area of your life. Young people listen up, seek a Financial mentor, someone who has the life experience to back up their knowledge with some fruit on their tree, and get your Financial education as soon as possible. Your quality of life is dependent upon it. I personally wish to thank Randy Gage and Orrin Woodward for teaching me. Let me also add that I am continually improving still to this day and will continue to learn and grow in these areas for the rest of my life!
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Once you have surgery, the pounds can start to come off. This will only happen if you focus on the right type of bariatric meal replacement for weight loss. If you start to eat foods that you used to prior to the procedure, including hard substances initially, you could face limitations in this procedure's success. Rather than sacrifice all of the hard work you have gone through to get to this point, a better option is simply to work with a plan that gives you good tasting foods that are within the calorie range you need.
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One way to explain this point is to use the example of a couple, living in the middle of no where, without electricity. Now, imagine that they are transported into the current, modern world, and are given a set of very low wattage light bulbs, and the surprise and awe when they flick the light switch on an and off.
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I may not have access to many self made millionaires in my social circle, but there are plenty of them I can access through the internet and that is invaluable. What's a better use of your time? Watching mindless entertainment on TV, or listening to advice and experiences of someone who has achieved an amazing level of success? I've learned so much and have been exposed to so many different things in this way that I couldn't be more grateful to live in the age of information. Anything you'd ever want to learn about is out there if you're willing to look for it. There's no excuse not to become successful and achieve your goals with that amount of resources available and you can accumulate so much knowledge IF you use your time wisely.
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However, please don't go about jumping off your sofa, and throwing away your shoes because of this article. Do your own research, and decide for yourself, or even if your doctor, if that knee pain that you are feeling is really because of your shoes, or the way you walk, and perhaps even the food you eat. If your feet aches and your knee is pain, you might want to try good supplements containing glucosamine sulphate. Nonetheless, it might take time for you to adjust and while you can start with good glucosamine supplements, you could also try running with shoes that fit you.

Chiropractors can help adjust or align your core, but you still have to get it strengthened to help keep it aligned. Lastly, I changed my shoes. As simple as changing the type of shoe I wore helped in not only alleviating pain from sciatica, but for the most part it is gone. Yes, it does flare up from time to time. This usually happens when I have gone barefoot, worn flip-flops or just worn shoes that are cute and not therapeutic. So when my sciatica flares up I am quick to switch my shoes. If you are suffering from Sciatic nerve pain and want it to alleviate your pain follow me from here.
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What's in your arsenal of beauty products? You may have the best brands of make-up but if you're not taking care of the skin underneath all the cosmetics you put on, it will show and affect the way you look. The truth is, skin hydration is vital to a younger looking you; hence, you need to use quality moisturizing creams.Whether you're a teenager who's constantly dealing with acne breakouts, or in your roaring 20s, busy 30s, mature 40s and beyond, proper skin hydration will help promote healthy cell turnover and keep your skin healthy-looking and radiant.You may simply opt for a basic skincare at home, have an occasional facial that may come with special massage techniques to drain toxins and stimulate blood circulation, or simple get a boost with a marine-based facial mask to provide skin hydration.

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It's best to avoid foods containing gluten and dairy, which are two of the worst offenders. To start with, however, just increase your water consumption to flush out toxins. This is exactly why doctors tell you to drink plenty of fluids if you have a cold.The most effective way to find out if and how gluten and dairy stress your system is to just eliminate them from your diet. If you experience less generalized pain and fatigue, you're on the right track. You'll have higher energy levels and a real sense of wanting to enjoy life, which are excellent reasons to leave them out of your diet permanently.You'll soon know your body well enough to ascertain if you've accidentally eaten gluten or ingested dairy. You may want to consider increasing your water intake to about twothirds of your body weight in fluid ounces so that rogue elements get flushed away easily.
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Preventative Measures

o Getting the proper amount of calcium in your diet today may help to prevent osteoporosis later. Good sources of calcium are vegetables especially broccoli, fortified orange juice, and fish. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. It is needed for strength and structure of teeth and bones, for blood clotting, nerve function, muscle contraction and relaxation. All minerals work in synergy with each other. Vitamin D and magnesium are also essential in the diet to ensure that calcium is absorbed.
27. 3. 2019 05:00
Solar roof panels are popular and often seen attached on rooftops all over the country, usually on a south facing roof to catch the maximum amount of sunshine possible. Solar panels, contrary to popular belief, do not require sunshine to operate. All they require is light, so while a nice sunny day will provide the maximum amount of light, a dull cloudy day will still provide enough light for solar roof panels to operate efficiently. This makes them very attractive, for while installation costs can be relatively high, after that they are almost cost free to run and use.In the early days of solar roof panels the hope was that one or two panels would help to lower the electricity bill a bit. To be honest, sometimes it seemed more of a gimmick than a real cost savings. Things have changed, and changed a lot too. With a properly planned and though out installation of solar roof panels, you can not only cut your electricity bills to mere pennies, but you can actually put your electricity bill into negative figures, so that it owes you money instead.
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With these tips in mind, you are now ready to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Be patient because losing weight in a healthy way takes time. Just keep moving, and continue to push toward your goals. If you stick to your plan, you will see the weight come off.Studies show that patients who meet or exceed this target benefit more from the surgery. They stay in the hospital for shorter duration compared to others and their weight loss over a given period of time is also greater. Such diets are high in protein, which means that you do not lose muscle, only fat. A big physiological change is that the size of the liver decreases with even 10% 15% weight loss. This not only makes laparoscopic surgery easier but also improves liver health, which is vital for fat metabolism. In fact, shrinking the liver before the surgery is one of the objectives of this diet and is often achieved by putting the patient on a purely liquidonly diet.
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A lot of people worldwide suffer from the debilitating condition we know as diabetes. It is important for people that suffer from this condition to learn as much as they can about the glucometer and the way that they work as they can be very important in their efforts to maintain optimal health. A glucometer can help people with this disease to be able to keep better track of their blood sugar levels. Keeping track of the blood sugar levels is very important for people with this disease as it can help them to identify when a problem is developing.
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The random plasma glucose test, also known as an informal plasma test, processes bloodstream glucose without reverence to when the individual getting tested last ate. This specific test, together with an evaluation of signs and symptoms, can be used to diagnose diabetic issues but not pre-diabetes. Examination outcomes showing an individual has diabetes needs to be established with a 2nd test on a totally different day. Gestational diabetic issues can also be identified depending on plasma glucose valuations calculated throughout the OGTT, ideally by utilizing one hundred grams of glucose in water for the test. Bloodstream blood sugar levels are examined on 4 occasions throughout the test. In the event that blood sugar levels are above normal a minimum of two times throughout the test, the woman has gestational diabetic issues.
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This is more than a handful of natural substances out there that can help you stop your hair from falling out. These substances most importantly work to inhibit the production of dht, the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness. You've probably heard all sorts of things about dht and more than likely they are all true. While you may be genetically predisposed to losing your hair, you can turn the tables by blocking dht.
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What would it be like if we started relying on ourselves as our first line of defense, instead of on doctors and pharmaceutical drugs. What if we started listening to our own bodies instead of what a newspaper, magazine, or diet book has to tell us. I'm willing to bet there would be a radical shift in healthcare and the general well-being of the entire American populace. Just a guess. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. The number one missing food in the average American diet is GREENS. Move your body. Do whatever you can, whenever you can. Add in a couple squats and lunges at your desk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. A little adds up.
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This is why so many professionals advise patients to monitor their own feet- so that they can identify red areas, cuts or bumps which might cause an issue later on. Diabetic footcare is actually 70% patient and 30% clinician. If there is an issue then the ratio reverses, but a clinician can only advise. They can only do so much and they rely on the patient telling them if there is an issue.
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This lead to the biggest break thought in nutrition to be made by William Wollcott in 1984. He is the founder of metabolic typing and who trained and allowed me to use his theory today. The breakthrough was called the dominance factor and stated "In every person either the Autonomic system or oxidation system would influence the behavior of your whole body"
Meridian Health Protocol Review
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Beyond the protein of shrimp they also have great amounts of vitamins D and B12. In those same four ounces that provide abundant protein, you will also be ingesting twenty-eight percent of your daily requirement of B12. The B12 along with the Omega-3 fatty acids that are also a part of shrimp nutrition help protect the body against developing cardiovascular disease by reducing inflammation of blood vessels and reducing your cholesterol. Fifteen percent of your daily required amount of these necessary fatty acids can be found in just four ounces of shrimp. In addition to combating cardiovascular disease, these fatty acids also help improve brain function and memory formation.
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Even if you make an appointment to see your primary health care provider you may find that they don't have specific training to diagnose TMJ. False hope from a negative diagnosis may set you back until the pain is unbearable and you become desperate for a solution. This is why it is imperative that you do some research, speak to people who know about the condition and get a consultation with a specialist for TMJ.

It is important to face up to the need to see a specialist as soon as possible. There is usually a delay to get an appointment plus you should make phone calls to your health insurer to see if TMJ is covered by your policy before you go to your consultation. If you are taking pain medication for your symptoms there is the risk of addiction the longer you are on the pain pills. This is another reason to see a specialist for TMJ as early as possible.